Sushiswap liquidity

I was looking to provide Sushiswap liquidity with wscrt but noticed it costs 700 to 900 usd to do it. Does this cost go down if more have provided liquidity, or is it just because Eth gas fees are so high and the contract instructions are so large?

Sushiswap runs on ETH so any smart contract you interact with there will depend on ETH gas fees and computations required

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there’s already a pool on sushiswap. We are waiting to see whether we can do an onsen with them, which would allow LPs to earn both WSCRT + SUSHI

When do you expect?? It was supposed to be last Monday.

Will sushiswap LPs be eligible for airdrop?

We are waiting for sushiswap to audit its onsen code that would help us distribute WSCRT rewards on Ethereum. This is expected to take another week or two.