Staking, commission and reporting

I have now staked my SCRT but have questions:
How is commission reported and paid?
Can it automatically be restaked by the secret node?
How/where can I find reports on my staking commissions?
Are the answers to these questions the same for all nodes?

Hi Joham,

So as a Staker/Delegator you don’t get any commission (They are for validators), you only receive block rewards to the proposition of your stake that you are using to secure the network.

Your rewards can be seen on the explorer

You can withdraw your rewards on your Wallet using the withdrawal function.
You are allowed to redelegate your tokens using the redelegate option to another validator. But do NOTE you cant keep jumping between validators as there is a 7 validator rule that stops you from going to a new validator. ( Just like unbonding/unstaking that takes 21 days for you to get your tokens in the wallet).

At the moment there is no automatic restaking option (There is a Github repo-tool that allows restaking but you need technical knowledge to get it running) on wallets. But future wallet support is possible, that would allow that option.

Yes, all of the above applies to all delegators of the network.

Validators on the other hand make commissions from the delegators who stake with them. Validators use hardware to build full nodes ( AND SGX hardware is required for the upcoming upgrade) that secure the network and currently only the top 50 share mining rewards.