[SCRT related product release] Staky.io Staking Platfrom

Hi everyone, Staky validator here!

We have recently jumped in the Secret network and we are glad to introduce our staking platform MVP.

Staky.io will allow you to track your SCRT addresses and review all your rewards claims and SCRT balances! The platform is currently in Alpha, we are planning to bring a lot more features such as :

  • Balances evolution chart
  • Governance smart contract, that will allow our delegators to actively take part in our decision making by voting with their addresses directly from the platform! With aims to be 100% community driven in the middle-term.
  • Telegram bot, that will keep you updated with latest SCRT news and rewards arrival!

We are counting on you to provide feedback so we can iterate and provide you the best staking experience! You can follow us on twitter : https://twitter.com/staky_validator

Once our Staking platform development will be completed, we’ll be 100% focused on contributing on the PoS ecosystem we’re validating! We’re designing an interactive Smart Contract education platform that will expand and educate the SCRT developer community! More news soon


Hello SCRT community, we have released the alpha of Staky.io, our user-centric staking dashboard. We organized a feedback contest, you can earn 50 in $SCRT by providing a feedback directly from our platform!

We’ll select 5 relevant feedback which may contain a bug report, a feature request, or even a PoS coin listing recommendation!

Check out this tweet for more details !

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Oh man, I love what you guys are doing at Staky.io! The platform is really nice. I like the idea of a dashboard where you can track your staking and rewards.