sETH /ETH bridging succeeded but the ETH disappeared

  • I used Secret Swap to exchange some SCRT to sETH. That worked fine.
  • My Keplr wallet showed the new sETH tokens.
  • In Secret Bridge, I connected the app to my Keplr and MetaMask wallets.
  • I selected the amt of sETH to bridge to ETH and clicked the Bridge to Ethereum button.
  • In the app, I entered by Keplr ETH address to locate the transaction (77EB4090BCF47E833E40A941D62ADDB535286D991363D5072A9169295725350E). The result of the transaction showed SUCCESS.
  • My MetaMask wallet however doesn’t show the ETH.

From what I can tell the ETH that I bridged in the Secret Bridge app simply disappeared. I don’t see it anywhere. After the bridging, my Keplt wallet now shows 0 sETH.

Can someone help me understand where that bridged ETH is?


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Based on the timestamps, it looks like this was your tx? Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

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It seems so. The To field in the tx refers to my MetaMask account addr.

I’m mystified a little cuz Keplr reported this ETH tx: 0x7008ed5ef2b24e17040d6666d8a46d3386c7413e0a18d8ceea95973a61b201b1

Both tx show an ETH value of 0. :frowning:

After my sETH tokens were converted into ETH and sent, I now have 0 sETH tokens in Keplr. Plus, I still don’t know where my ETH went. They never arrived in MetaMask.

Can someone help me find out what happened and where the ETH went?

Hey @JerryPope, first of all, let me assure you that this kind of thing can be fixed by the transaction getting a push by the devs through the bridge wallet.

Could you head to Discord server: Secret Network

Go the the #open-a-ticket channel in the support section, and open a new ticket with as much detail about your transaction as possible. If you know the operation ID from the bridge that will be great.

From there myself & the rest of the support team can help you solve your case.

You may also want to delete any posts with your personal wallet information from this public channel.


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Thank you sir. After much hassle, I finally got into the Secret Network on Discord and open a ticket.