SEFI - What is the "Multiplier"

Hey Everyone,
Sorry for not keeping up with changes thus have noticed a change on my " Secret Swap" wallets.
So what is the “Multiplier” & what is it applied to ?

There is a fixed amount of SEFI on an emission schedule. How much SEFI is minted every day to give in rewards is fixed. More pools = not more rewards, it is a redistribution of rewards.

This distribution, how the rewards are spread over the various farms, is determined by their weight, or multiplier.

If there is 10,000 SEFI created every day for rewards
And you have three pools
AAA <> BBB = 60x multiplier
CCC <> DDD = 20x multiplier
EEE <> FFF = 20x multiplier

That means that the amount of SEFI per day to the AAA <> BBB pool is equal to
(Multiplier of the pool / sum of all multipliers) * SEFI emission
(60/100)*10,000 = 6,000 SEFI

There is no change in the protocol. The multiplier field was added for transparency so people have the information to make more meaningful governance proposals.


Thanks Stefan,
See now an explanation is on the platform.
That said, sXRM receiving 12 sefi per block against ATOM & OSMO receiving 8 & 4 respectively seems not well balanced.
Cosmos is kicking goals at the moment so greater weighting towards them would be good for Secret Swap.
The alterative for investors is to move assets to Osmosis.
Just my take, sure others are disagreeing.

Feel free to make a governance proposal. Osmosis also has a much higher Market Cap which allows for higher APR’s, and additionally SCRT contributed to their rewards pool on Osmosis. Also Secret Network is the only platform able to privately allow DEFI access to XMR holders.

In general, as we form SEFI beneficial partnerships and launch the upcoming Infinity Pool, we’ll be lowering the Multipliers of many of these pools in order to favor projects who contribute to SEFI stakers.

Thanks Ewais001,
Looking forward to the “Infinity Pool” launch
Have been a XRM holder for 4 yrs & has gone backwards.
ATOM for 3.5 yrs & well in front.
SCRT ( ENG ) over 4 yrs & enjoying the rewards of support.
20/5/21 20SEFI = 1SCRT , 24/10/21, 67SEFI converted to 1SCRT now 160SEFI for 1SCRT.
Have a couple of hundred $k in sefi & would love to see it start making ground again. Just like to see support going to projects that are making good progress as momentum is infectious.