Add sATOM-swBTC pair on earn page

Had some loose sAtom and swBTC so I made a pool. Not sure what good that did me since there is no liquidity currently. Clearly the functionality to do it is there it needs a place on the ‘Earn’ page. Don’t think this suggestion is unreasonable because they are both strong projects.


i imagine you are talking about Secretswap?

Ss pools are indeed permisionless, anyone can create a liquidity pair. Secretswap does have some form of routing so even if people want to swap sATOM to sWBTC they might not even use your created pool though. In general its better to pool liquidity together with a lot of users so that slippage on the most used pools is as low as possible.

for now you will earn the swap fees on this pool, earning sefi incentives only happens if a multiplier is set for the pool. The multipliers are determined by SEFI governance and there have been quite some proposals on this lately. Consider making a proposal on the SEFI governance forum for adding incentives to this pool (you also have to give a location where these funds will come from, in general a different pool). I am sure some SEFI ogs are happy to help you to cover the deposit.

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