Monero liquidity

Could somebody show me where to provide XMR and what the current rate is?

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Here’s a tutorial: Secret Swap Full-Length Tutorial - YouTube

There should be rewards coming for sXMR/SEFI pair or xXMR/SCRT pair, so I suggest waiting until that is live. Should be soon

You will need to cross the Secret Monero bridge first then provide liquidity on SecretSwap once the liquidity pool is activated (pending vote).

Secret Monero Bridge tutorial:


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Not sure if this question should go here or if there is a help section (could not find) - but tried to deposit a small amount into the SXMR bridge and last step was to send email with details of tx and encrypted message. Wasn’t sure if this was an automated or manual process as it is email being sent…amount was more than the 0.0041 XMR minimum listed on the page…wanted to make sure no issues before looking into providing liquidity into the pool. Thanks!

There is an issue on Github with the hardware wallet not giving the correct txKey, otherwise, the bridge is up.

The email has to be sent as the bridge is not connected to any endpoint. It looks like a page but it is actually an application deployed over IPFS and running in your local browser. As there is no connection to a central server, the bridge itself can’t communicate back to the bridge operators. This was a deliberate choice as with email you can get more security and privacy (especially when using IPS mail) than you would get with a directly connected back-end (packet fingerprints).

The bridge processes these emails automatically, but some transactions have probably ended up in the backlog due to the issue found with hardware wallets. Please read up with the issue on GitHub for the latest info :slight_smile: