Secret Ledger App Fix

Hey everyone,

in the last months we got several reports that the Secret Ledger App was not showing up on Ledger Live. After multiple reports to Ledger and some extensive bug hunting by the Ledger
Team we finally got a temporary fix that allows everyone to download the app from Ledger Live again.

Here are the instructions from Ledger:

“Until the fix is pushed on Ledger Live, you can enable the currencySecretNetwork feature flag on Ledger Live for the app to re-appear. To do so, in the settings click 10 times on the Ledger Live version number in the “About” section. The “Developer” section will appear. Then, Defined feature flags used in Ledger Live → Show and enable currencySecretNetwork

In case you got questions on to use this temporary fix, please don’t hesitate to ask in Telegram or in Discord.


Alex | SNF | Secret Saturn

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