Secret Dash Bridge

Similar to the Secret Monero Bridge proposed recently, I am interested in building a Secret Dash Bridge to support transfer of value between the Dash payments-focused network and Secret Network with its growing DeFi profile. I am a devops engineer with basic JS skills, so I’m initially here looking for help determining what work will be required so that we can create a funding proposal for spec and dev work to the Dash Incubator (and possibly Secret grants system as well).

Existing work:

The secret contract for sDASH would mint tokens on a 1:1 basis once a verified transaction to the contract wallet has been locked by InstantSend (or mined to a block), and similarly redeem tokens in the opposite direction. Fees would be minimal, since we intend to fund development from the Dash DAO rather than fees. I am particularly interested in the Monero approach of hosting the Dapp on IPFS to further increase decentralization and trustlessness. It looks like devs with Rust and TypeScript experience are needed, is anyone interested in working with me on this?