Potentially resurrecting secret tunnels/in a new form

  1. so, uh, hypothetically

if i had an idea for blending secret and ethereum

such that the public-facing computations and a ZKP of the private facing ones live on eth, but the actual private ones live on secret

the only issue is you need an offchain product to take messages between the two

would this be a useful thing

the spec looks similar to secret tunnels

with a few extra steps because you’re unifying 2 compute platforms, but at least on one end you can be optimistic

also i might be interested in bringing secret tunnels (Grant proposal: Secret Tunnels - #20 by lzy-v) back/actually building it. friend at spark capital might be seed funding/joining as an active investor. would be interested in maybe recruiting people/talking to/gauging interest.

all of this is still early days and i’m busy for the next 2 months with my thesis, a conf paper (inventing a new subfield of ML fairness which really shouldn’t be new, seriously, the fact that nobody’s touched it for years is insane), and wedding planning. but I want to start the convo early