Secret Calendar Funding Proposal

We built Secret Calendar ( in late 2021 as a public good for the Secret Network community (paid for out of pocket with $0 in funding). Initially, Secret Calendar was very limited in scope, but it has since grown rapidly. The Secret Network community can use Secret Calendar to keep track of ALL upcoming and ongoing airdrops, NFT mints, DeFi updates, dApp specific developments (Sienna, Shade, LedgenDAO, etc.), as well as general community initiatives in ONE LOCATION. Secret Network projects and dApps have been utilizing Secret Calendar to spread awareness for their launches and initiatives. Secret Calendar is averaging 300+ unique daily visitors. Although the initial iteration of Secret Calendar has been successful in garnering community interest and engagement around ongoing/new events initiatives, we believe that there is always room for improvements. After months of experimentation and collecting community feedback, we present to you, Secret Calendar 2.0 and we are asking for funding to continue further development:


The screenshots of v2 look cool, but I think it’s over-engineered and a lot of its features (e.g., likes, comments, etc.) could cannibalize our Twitter presence.

I took a look at the existing version and actually like that more, specifically the calendar part. I’d suggest getting rid of the event feed and using the tags to apply filters to the calendar instead. Additionally, any calendar event should have a link back to a Twitter source.

Other than the calendar, which I see as a value add, I don’t think we should deploy something that reduces our presence on Twitter with similar features.

As an aside, it looks like the calendar is currently out-of-date as it relates to the Legendao events.

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Hey guys,

Just want to thank you for the work done so far. It’s been really useful for our team to keep on top of all the events happening in the network!

I particularly like the ability for users to add events here, would be very useful for us to add in all of the university lectures/presentations & conference sponsorships we are doing here too.

I agree with @winston that the calendar view works better for me, but if you could toggle between the two views that would be good!

I’d really love to see Secret Calendar embedded in the site so everyone can see the latest happenings in the network clearly.


'+ 1 for feeds

Automatic Twitter feed, feed into, Discord and Telegram. It would draw users to the calendar and increase awareness generation. Seems like a win-win.


You guys have been super helpful and proactive, and this is a very helpful tool for scaling engagement. I support this proposal as is!


Great job on Secret Calendar. The concept seems on-trend with the latest Web3/Metaverse organizational tools and frameworks.

As Winston noted, the 2010’s era social media features are concerning to me. Secret is still a growing community, and some of the proposed v2 UI elements might be putting the cart before the horse.

Are those features actually in demand by the community using Secret Calendar? I tend to side with Winston on this one and would like to see more thought put into how Secret Calendar v2 can leverage web3 concepts.

The value of the calendar is its curated and up-to-date collection of significant events in the Secret community (and in the future, the Secret metaverse).

Take a look at Decentraland’s calendar. Nice and straightforward, with a connect-to-wallet UI. Though, I like that you have the literal calendar view too.


I think this is excellent! I am also not convinced about the social features, but I don’t claim truth on that.

I am voting yes on this, but my suggestion to you is to do this with some design thinking techniques before you run with the current designs and features. Grab a bunch of users from twitter and discord and run user interviews and user tests with them. I would love to help out with this as well! Make sure you really understand the users and what they need before you start making a bunch of stuff that might not be used.

Good luck!


would love it to have web3 auth vs email


Feeds are on the to-do list. They will be implemented (not in the next update, but immediately after).

2 Likes validator voted yes on this proposal for the following reasons.

  1. It’s a 1 time funding request
  2. I think it’s fine to make a bet on a team that puts secret first like this one.
  3. They are creating a public good for the community.

Feedback I have.

  1. Please deliver a useful product and listen to feedback and adjust accordingly along the way.
  2. I really didnt like the timing on this proposal but that’s not the end of the world.