SCRT Security vs QCs

Forgive me if this has been asked or addressed but a quick search of the topic didn’t turn up any results.

Are there concerns with regards to SCRT’s privacy/encryption once Quantum Computers (QC) come on the scene? Is SCRT already quantum resistant or might it require an upgrade to the blockchain and encryption?

As far as I’m aware we’re still a ways off from meaningful QCs but I didn’t know if this was something already being considered in the community.

For context, I’m not a dev, or overly technical, but have been reading as much as I can put of excitement for the Secret Network and some of the applications utilizing this network.

Our main cryptographic building blocks are AES and ECDH. The first is quantom secure and the latter is not. Also, within the TEE there’s a mix where some is secure and some isn’t.

And all of that doesn’t even remotely matter. QC isn’t really an issue, and is not going to be come an issue for quite some time, if ever. And when it does, there’ll be a world-wide effort to upgrade the relevant systems.

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Thanks Guy! I’ll read more into those. Glad you guys are already thinking about this.

Yes, I recognize it won’t be an issue for a while (despite the regular headlines claiming X company a working QC). Just thinking into the future and some issues we might face. Thanks for setting me straight!

Have a great day and thanks for everything you and your team are doing!