Introducing Secret Network

The mainnet blockchain is now known as Secret Network, thanks to a recent unanimous on-chain proposal. Learn more on the Secret Network blog.

In February 2020, over 20 independent validators launched a new blockchain that at the time was known as the Enigma mainnet blockchain. This mainnet is a proof-of-stake-based blockchain based on Cosmos SDK / Tendermint and secured by a new native coin, Secret (SCRT). The collective vision for this blockchain was to create a privacy-first, Layer One chain that would allow smart contracts to utilize private and sensitive data. The network would utilize privacy technologies that could enable secure computation over encrypted data.

For the past three months, even more validators have joined to help support and secure Secret Network, in addition to multiple contributors building network tooling, core protocol functionality, and much more.

The community is now ready - and proud - to introduce Secret Network: the same mainnet blockchain that has been in active use since February, but with a new name, new web properties, and new ways to get involved in the ecosystem.

Secret Network is an open-source network that protects data (and secrets) for users of decentralized applications (Secret Apps). It is the result of the collective and committed effort of its community and key contributors, including Enigma,, Chain Of Secrets, and many others.

Read the Secret Network blog to see what’s new and how you can contribute to Secret Network.

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