Pulsar-2 test net on Keplr wallet is not working

It seems that pulsar-2 test net on Keplr wallet (browser extension) is not working.
Is this something which I am facing only or there is a problem on pulsar-2 or keplr?

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More information is needed. What is not working? Are you getting any errors? How’d you add pulsar-2 to keplr? When you added pulsar-2, which RPC/LCD endpoints were utilized?

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Thanks for your reply.
I was getting network error. I was using rpc:“https://rpc.pulsar.scrttestnet.com”.
Btw after deletion and reconnecting it seems working.

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Hi, glad you figured it out, but I should have cross-posted from Discord here in the forums too.

So for anyone else, if you previously used Keplr with Griptape’s endpoint you’ll need to remove the connection in Keplr, and add it again as mentioned. You can use this sandbox app or Trivium’s Connect page, or any updated dapp on the testnet.