Proposal: Meet JACKAL

Hey SCRT Team,

We are the JACKAL Team and wondering what the interest would be for a partnership with us. Were building a decentralized file storage solution using the Secret Network that is fee-free using the Pylon Protocol also.

Our long term goal is to be a DAO that provides cyber security, digital forensics, and investigation professional services along with our decentralized file storage product.

Our lite paper is below,



This looks useful. Love the simple idea and the synergy of Secret Network, Pylon, and Anchor.

I wish more projects relied less on upfront private investor funding and used more airdrops and community owned LP to distribute tokens. It’s easier to invest in projects where the founders demonstrate more confidence in their dao and in their project. 15% upfront from investors and 32% vested ownership isn’t unusual, but it should be.

Thanks for the response EasyRider, we appreciate all the feedback we can get on our project :slight_smile:

What would be your ideal ownership distribution? Our Lite Paper is just a working document and growing with us.

We are currently planning on airdropping 10% ownership, 10% for pylon gateway investors if accepted, and 5% in Seed. Let us know what you think here or reach out to us directly in our discord! J A C K A L

Personally, if I were you, I’d cover your immediate costs with the investors, drop the founder’s cut as much as possible, and put as much of the circulating supply out initially as you can. You are setting all the terms and know exactly what’s going on; set the coin to dump to the public stupid cheap, and buy it like you have more confidence in yourselves than anyone else will.

The price growth will be more organic, your tokenomics graph will be something to brag about, there’s less lockup for both sides to worry about, and you’ll make tons of money. It’s win-win, because you don’t really want lock ups that limit your flexibility (and make you rely more on investors to pay your bills), and I don’t want to worry about the circulating supply and dynamics changing later.

I don’t think projects gain as much as they imagine by trying to cut themselves in more initially (unless you have governance concerns that need to be worked out).