Proposal for bounty for those who provided exceptional support during the Sienna/SecretSwap Emergence

This is going to be a fairly informal proposal, but I want to propose giving $2000 USD (~500 SCRT) to the following for their contributions during the influx of users:

Both of them were extremely diligent and, in my opinion, went far above the call to action to help support the network.

This may seem like a lot for a few days work, but were they not there, providing support, the entire network would have lost far more due to the poor experience.

I know @reversesigh also went through their entire stash of SCRT in order to help those needing funds for bridging, to say nothing of the time they spent on Discord helping with Keplr wallet issues, viewing key issues, etc.

edit: by request of @Iowascero I’m adding myself to this list for the support I provided post-exploit and with the current influx of users.


I would approve. I think Mr. Garbanzo is under contract for providing support but I don’t know details. Not opposed to him getting an added bonus either. :+1:

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If both parties consented to KYC, the Foundation would be happy to fund this bounty.


Thank you, I’ll reach out to them.

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This is awesome! I was just talking to @reversesigh about this yesterday. I think we could use some more compensated support positions. I know MrGarbonzo has been drowning in tickets lately. What would be the best way of funding this? The foundation, or maybe a support committee could be formed?


I think that’s a good idea. I’ve been providing support where I can, but I can’t commit all of my attention to it - and I know others are in the same position.

Especially at a time like this, I think we need to build support infrastructure.


I consent.

Thank you so much.


Unfortunately, the incident last month occurred while the SecretSwap Committee funding proposal was on chain but I’d definitely like to reward contributors who provide support once we have the opportunity to do so. I appreciate your modesty, but I think @dylanschultzie should be included in this, I saw you providing support all over the place. We were definitely overwhelmed and I think this illustrates the need for the expansion of support programs & personnel with the network reaching some of the growth milestones it has. If either of you are interested in long term compensated support roles through the Committee, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Either way, thank you so much for your help :heart:


Thanks Ethan, to be honest, I wasn’t even thinking about last month’s incident :grimacing:. I just meant the last few days. I would certainly accept a “bounty” or whatever it should be considered.

Thank you for the consideration.

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I agree.

Foundation should open up some formal support positions. To support discord and social media support officially.

I know lol. However, we’d already be funding people to do this if our proposal had been able to complete the voting period (and passed). :wink:

Realistically, for technical support, Enigma is the right organization to support that function long term (for the protocol and their own apps). They in fact already do this. They also have the best ability to evaluate and educate these support roles.

Foundation is in the best position to support community growth, Agents, ongoing content initiatives, marketing, branding, etc. All critical functions as our public awareness grows and application ecosystem expands.


Support should be product specific and provided by the teams building on the network, I don’t think it’s a burden that should fall on the network at a protocol level.

Nevertheless, great to see the foundation stepping in to fund this bounty. Ultimately if either of them don’t want to KYC, I’d support a spend proposal for it as well.


I don’t 100% agree with this. I think, yes, that makes sense in the long term but right now with the Secret Network Discord being a “hub” for dApps it makes sense for a support committee/group/whatever to be created.

I agree in spirit, I disagree in practice.

The discord is acting like a hub because that’s where people were directed to since the products were offered by Enigma and they also develop the core protocol, so the overlap is a special situation. Projects shouldn’t offload business operational costs on the network.

A support committee would be a never ending overhead cost for the community pool as there would be an ever-increasing demand for them from teams that want to save on that and where do you draw the line to cut off funding? 3, 5, 10 projects on the network? It becomes pretty arbitrary to decide when we’re big enough imo. For that reason, it shouldn’t happen.

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I have nothing to say here other than things others have already said. I’ll support a spend proposal if thats what ends up happening. Good work / good contributions.

Like I said, I agree in spirit, I just don’t know what the correct answer is right now, just that some level of support is necessary.

Thanks for your continued high-quality responses! (That sounds super sarcastic, but I mean it, you clearly put in a lot of thought).


Hey I support this as someone who helps with support when times are crazy busy! It would be nice to get some rewards for time spent answering questions, sometimes with really tricky people.

Would be great to have a public repository of issues raised & solutions on the website, so users can go & check there first too :slight_smile:

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Also would like to request apart from the bare minimum of funds being returned to them to them for helping out people bridge over and who didn’t pay them back, they should be given a support role and some stipend on an adhoc basis for all the help and support meted out by them without them would be a traumatic experience since exchanges have suspended withdrawals and nothing stopping people from not paying back to!

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Fully support this, all have been very helpful and active in discord/tg