[Proposal] API Resolution

To the Community,

We present a proposal to collaboratively execute Proposals 288 and 259, aiming for a resolution that benefits all parties and the community at large.

  • Collaborative Execution under Secret.express: The execution of these proposals will proceed under the existing endpoint Secret.express. This approach ensures the continuity and stability of services.

  • Node Management Flexibility: Secret Saturn, and Taariq will have the autonomy to adjust their node counts as needed (not exceeding 9 each), ensuring optimal performance and resource allocation. Under this plan:

    • Taariq, in line with Proposal 259, will continue to manage nine or fewer nodes at his discretion.
    • Alex, following Proposal 288, will similarly handle nine or fewer nodes, maintaining the freedom to adjust as necessary.
  • Resource Allocation: The arrangement ensures that all parties are compensated in accordance with 288 and amendments to 259, aligning with their contributions and operational costs. Delta Flyer LLC, will receive payments equivalent to the management of nine nodes until the projected end in March. This payment represents an open-sourcing fee, but in reality covers community infrastructure costs associated with the wind down commitments to space that houses community APIs. Importantly, while this fee does not cover development costs, Delta Flyer, LLC will still deliver open-source code as specified.

  • Open Source Contribution: As part of this agreement, Delta Flyer LLC will contribute specific developed tools as open-source (AGPL) which saturn is free to modify as per 288 deliverables state. We believe this contribution enriches the community’s, and cosmos, toolset.

This proposal is crafted with the objective of ensuring a harmonious and effective resolution of previous disagreements, and it seeks to establish a foundation for continued cooperation and mutual benefit. It is an acknowledgment of the diverse roles and contributions from public API providers and a commitment to moving forward in a spirit of unity and shared purpose.

Software Deliverables for Secret Express

Secret Express is an open-source tool designed for efficient cluster node health management, specifically tailored for Cosmos SDK and CometBFT nodes. This application ensures automated monitoring and maintenance of node health, featuring capabilities such as real-time health checks, automated removal of unhealthy nodes, and ease of seamless integration with various load balancers. As part of the deliverables for this proposal, Secret Express is provided with documentation and source code. These deliverables are accessible through the links provided, offering a comprehensive overview and easy access to the software for community use and further development.

  1. Link to github
  2. Link to this forum post (will be in the final proposal on-chain)
  3. Link to IPFS (we will update when the proposal is submitted)


Laura, Node Papi, Secret Saturn
(Confirmed agreement via on chain votes from parties)


Given the recent approval of Proposal 288, I have decided to proceed with Proposal 259 as the on chain terms allow for, 288 enabled each party to have control of their own funding. This decision still solves for two primary objectives: resolving the disagreement between Alex and myself, and ensuring continuity in our operations. Under this approach, I am not open sourcing any code which now seems unnecessary in resolving the disagreement or achieving continuity, and Alex is open sourcing his code according to proposal 288.

Secret.express will continue as it normally has, and Alex’s nodes will be added to it shortly and will run until March 2024. Again, thank you @laura for helping us through this 🫱🏻‍🫲🏾 and thanks @SecretSaturn for discussing with me in good faith.