The API Proposal III

This proposal is designed to incentivize a few teams to independently maintain a robust API for public use for the Secret Community. Each of these teams has proven an ability to deploy, respond to issues, and maintain APIs for the network. Each team will be compensated $ 150 monthly per Secret Node they offer in their cluster with a cap on incentives at 16 nodes per team.

Last Quarter, the API team has implemented auto-healing in the load balanced community endpoint and advanced monitoring (see Secret Express Availability Report) to detect failed and unhealthy nodes. In case a node fails, it is removed from the cluster and the team is automatically alerted.


Currently for teams we have Secret Saturn (16), Trivium (16), (16), Consensus One (16), and Quiet Monkey Mind (10).

Teams in this proposal are only paid monthly for the nodes they can actually provide. In case a node provider is unable have a node up and running, no payment is made and the left over amount will be rolled over.

Decentralized API

Node endpoints are load balanced via DNS to a pair of geographically resilient load balancers. Queries are distributed to active and healthy nodes. Each teams maintains independent geographically distributed nodes.


Reporting available at: Server Statistics 4 . Since the collected logs exceeds several GB per day, we opted to only provide a partial report.

Node Counts & Total Costs

With 5 teams this proposal will cost (74 nodes x 150$ x 3 months) 33.300$ and provide 74 total API nodes to the community.

These numbers are not including the 5% volatility buffer and the rolled over funds from the previous period, but the final ask will include it.

After doing the payouts for this month, we are able to roll over 9,526$ into the next period.
The total ask therefore reduces to 23,774$.