Orbem Wars Launches first in-game event, 120 NFTs to be won by top 100 players!

Orbem Wars – the first P2E game on Secret Network – has launched Alpha v4! 120 NFTs will be given away to the top 100 players that rank in the in-game event ‘Battle of Lehiri’.

Orbem Wars is a tower defense game that has

  • strong emphasis on PVP, utilizing the privacy of NFTs to not leak any strategic data on-chain
  • ranked multiplayer events
  • a unique method to onboard new players without any upfront cost

You can play Orbem Wars without SCRT, without a Keplr wallet, without knowing what Bitcoin is, yet still earn SecretNFTs through gameplay. This allows us to deploy native applications to, for example, the Google Play store. Potentially onboarding (tens, hundreds) of thousands of players.

You can download Alpha 4 with these links, consider joining our Discord for tips and tricks as the Alpha version does not have an integrated tutorial yet.


Keep in mind that we regularly patch, the above links may not be the very latest, check our Discord announcement to always have the latest version.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/Q2fWU6kzAv

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