On-chain reputation and ways to leverage it

Hey everyone,

Using our blockchain activity as a way to build identity / reputation is a fascinating idea. Whether it’s based on the addresses we hold or the smart contracts we participate in, we believe that operational reputation has the potential to create substantial value going forward. (https://blog.enigma.co/building-on-chain-reputation-79139abe1730)

It would be great to share ideas on:
a) What kinds of blockchain based inputs can be interesting besides wallet addresses? Smart contracts are a large term, would be interested in specific kinds of smart contracts (say ICOs or staking)
b) What decentralized applications would benefit from on-chain reputation (we wrote about a hypothetical ICO participation scenario in the blog post above)


This is a very taboo use case, but there are some cryptos seeking to develop OFF-CHAIN reputation in the sex worker industry. I could definitely see a use case there for on-chain reputation as well. Sex workers would know if their potential clients are trustworthy and are reliable customers based on their on-chain reputation. I don’t partake in these activities myself, but for those that partake and provide it is of the utmost importance to have a safe trust-based system in place.

Really interesting suggestion, Brendan. True, some people get pretty squeamish when talking about this, but bringing transparency to the sex work industry could make a massive social impact in an economic sector that is rife with human trafficking and abuse.

I can imagine a system in which the reputation of both the worker and the recipient play a crucial role. There could be a worker profile in which there must be uploaded documentation of recent STI screenings, and the worker could share that data selectively and directly with trusted recipients. Recipients, on the other hand, would have to share their profiles (containing personal information) with workers, and there could be a ranking system in place by which workers could warn other workers of recipients that behave aggressively (so called “Bad Dates”). The service could also reduce middlemen, who are notoriously exploitative, and mean more cash in the hands of the workers.

In short, I can easily see how privacy and built-in reputation could be a boon for the sex work industry. Such a solution could potentially make millions of lives healthier and wealthier - which is not something to be squeamish about!

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The team loved your response. I’ve contacted their CTO about potentially building their reputation systems using Enigma and hope to receive a reply.

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