Need help becoming a secret agent

Hi there! Could use some help. I would like to become a secret agent to support the network. I reached out through the discord. no help. I don’t get an email when I sign up. Can anyway please assist me here?

Hum the agents program is run in the discord did you create follow the instructions provided.

Hi Szuriel - sorry you’re having issues. Some tinkering has been done. Can you try again only this time send the commands directly to the bot? If it doesn’t work you’re always welcome to find me on Discord directly and I’ll get someone to update your role for you (my username in server is same as here)

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Hello! Can you please confirm the wallet address that is on my secret agent application please? I would like to know that it is the secret wallet address and not the cosmos wallet address.

Hi - are you able to message me on Discord with your information and I’ll get it to the right people?

Yes I can DM you. What is your handle in that server?

Hi! I can’t seem to join the discord server.

Find me under the support category in the userlist on the server. It’s the same name ^^;;