Limit orders are coming soon to Secret Network

Hi everyone,

wanted to add to the hopium by saying that is very close to providing limit orders on the Secret Network.

More details to come soon.


Whoa, this is very cool!! :rocket:

1 Like building and delivering, as usual :handshake:

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Thanks for all the hard work, Steven. I have no doubt this will be yet another valuable tool built on Secret by the Button Group. The demand for order books in the Cosmos ecosystem seems to be extremely high as of late - I believe this will benefit the Secret ecosystem tremendously. Just in time to piggyback off of all the Axelar hype :slight_smile: .

Amazing to have that feature on SN, congrats who the ones who made it possible :clap:

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Ok this is gonna rock the SCRT world!!! Please keep up updated with your announcements & content for Agents missions!