Introducing Buttcoin

Introducing Buttcoin

We are excited to announce Buttcoin (BUTT), the native token for the ecosystem. We invite you to participate in our ICO and join the juggernaut that is - Join now!

Round 1 sale details

Amount to be raised: 1,000,000 SEFI
Tokens to be sold: 3,000,000 BUTT
Price per token: 1 SEFI = 3 BUTT

Token details

100,000,000 BUTT have been minted at genesis and will become accessible over the course of 4 years. It’s purpose is governance, profit sharing and utility.

  • 60% to incentivize users
  • 20% to team members and future employees with 4-year vesting
  • 20% to investors sold over 3 rounds

What is is a software company that specialises in blockchain. We are a public team, based in Australia, that is currently focused on the Secret network.

In a short period of time, we’ve already achieved so much…

First we created auditing tools such as the Address alias, Smart contract interface and a SNIP-20 transactions viewer. We did this so that the community had an easy and free way to audit, not only our project, but all projects on the Secret network. We believe in transparency. "Don’t trust. Verify."

Next we created our private, fungible, native token, based on the Secret network’s SNIP-20 standard. We chose the Secret network because we believe privacy is a human right.

We then created our own time lock and token sale smart contracts as there were no ICO platforms on the Secret network. We decided to do this instead of using a platform on a different chain, as we wanted to show investors, that yes, we can build.

Next on the roadmap is a yield optimizer and other revenue generating projects.

For more info please visit us at or join our Discord channel.

A special thanks to Baedrik for auditing our contracts.
Thanks to the Secret network development community for all the hard work and packages!

Join now!


Why the name? You guys seem like a legit, team why compromise it with such a name?

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  1. Why the name

We named the company after the button mushroom. We wanted to name ourselves after something that grows rapidly, is simple and fun, yet a little magical/mysterious.

When we saw that the domain was available, we had to take it as a hommage to bootstrap (developer reference).

  1. Why the name Buttcoin?

Button + Coin = Buttcoin

It puts a smile on our faces :smiley: