Kamut Testnet by ChainofSecrets.org

This week ChainofSecrets.org will be submitting The Testnet Proposal.

In this topic is a link to a copy of the current proposal that will be submitted on-chain. Chain of Secrets is open to any discussion about this proposal and possible changes or additions to it.

Copy of Proposal


@dbriggsie, @laura thanks for submitting this proposal. It’s very exciting. I also recently started a discussion to enable our community to define best practices for community spending proposals going forward.

I think a production level testnet is absolutely critical for a health network and it’s great that ChainofSecret is working on it! Looking at healthy ecosystems like Ethereum, the importance of testnets don’t require much discussion.

  • I think developer and especially validator on-boarding support is critical for the ecosystem. The support here means we have a smoother transition into mainnet activity both for developers and node-runners. I am curious to hear more about developer on-boarding efforts and make sure that this support also applies to mainnet
  • Do we have plans to support both the latest version of the mainnet and the latest version of the testnet going forward?
  • Kamut Glass code explorer seems super cool, what is a comparable solution for this, say in the Ethereum ecosystem (I want to make sure I understand what you have in mind)?
  • Web wallet is an item I see in more than one proposals, I wonder whether there should be some consolidation around wallet efforts
  • What is KamutQuickSynch?

CosmWasm code explorer is somewhat comparable to features on Etherscan, eg Enigma’s token.

Etherscan allows one to view the code and transactions associated with a contract address, you can even connect metamask and execute contract calls, and you can verify the code to prove the bytecode comes from the source code you uploaded. It encodes/decodes the inputs and outputs.

Here’s one of CosmWasm’s demo contracts, an erc20 token contract, when you choose an instance of that contract you can see the init message, and any transactions.

You can query the contract too, and download and verify the source code.

A snapshot/backup of the blockchain, so a new node can sync in minutes rather than hours.



We don’t have a WebIDE in the proposal right?

That’s correct, Can. A WebIDE is not in the proposal.

Thank you @taariq for taking the time to address Can’s questions and for the excellent responses!

@can, for the developer and validator support we will continue to monitor the #Kamut-Testnet (Rocket chat) https://chat.secret.foundation/channel/Kamut-Testnet and Telegram channels.

I also envision additional supporting materials such as walk-through articles to help developers work with secret contracts on Kamut.

Our proposal is geared toward the Kamut testnet so we will continue to support that with infrastructure, support, tools, etc. We will work closely with the Enigma core team to manage releases and forks of the Secret Blockchain :smiley: .

For the Web wallet I envision using MathWallet’s browser extension, integrating it where applicable and making it available to developers. I believe both Puzzle and Kamut will be using MathWallet. for SCRT transactions, but Ian (@secretnodes) correct me if that’s changed. I agree we should re-use what’s already been developed.

Thanks for questions and feedback, @can!