Is secret token relationship always 1:1 with original token?


Just a quick check - if I stake x amount of a token and transfer it to secret tokens, when I want to take out my token and transfer back to the original and put it on an exchange, say, is it just gas fee or will I have less than my original staked tokens?


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All the sTokens (sSCRT, sETH, sOCEAN, sDAI, etc.) are a 1:1 peg, backed by the multisig setup and reputation of the bridge operators.

When withdrawing your tokens to Ethereum, the bridge operators have to pay for multisig unlock and the ethereum transactions. Since these costs are in $eth, they pay for them on your behalf, and subtract the fee from your withdraw.

So, the peg is 1:1, but you can get less by using the bridge on withdraw, due to fees. The fees, however, are the same for 10 tokens as they are for 10,000.

Hope this answers your question.


It does - thank you very much