Increase Max Validator Count

Validating on the Secret Network is getting more competitive. The demand to get into the active set is leaving people waiting with nodes up ready to validate but not in the active set. So with the goal of further decentralizing the Secret Network and bringing in new high quality contributors, I wanted to share my intentions to propose an increase of the max validator set from 50 to 60 after IBC launch.

Some things that will be looked at post upgrade before this proposal would go forward.

  1. Average blocktime
  2. Missed blocks for validators.
  3. Looking for any surprises that impact network stability.
  4. Opinions from the core protocol devs (@Cashmaney @reuven @assafmo @guy )
  5. Community feedback.

If things look good then a proposal to increase to 60 Nodes will be submitted. After this we will go over 1-5 again and if it is determined that another increase would not threaten network stability, then the next step is ideally 70-80 nodes.

Updated plan

Straight to 70 nodes after IBC launch.


Would love to see an increase, concerned about the short term effects. I would suggest a better time for this proposal would be right after New Years. It would allow us to:

  1. Have IBC live
  2. Make sure the network sustains the upcoming spike in demand (remember we have Tarantino NFTs on the horizon, Shade, Stashh, and apparently more projects building on us than I can count).

If the stance of SCRT labs is to wait I can certainly abide by that, but i’d like to see us make some movement forward before new years that is a middle ground. Such as an increase to 55 or 60 at least if things appear smooth after IBC. Decentralizing the set does seem worthy of some movement on a number that has not changed since Feb 2020.

Do you think that is an acceptable middle ground? @guy


I would agree. @Jay-ShadowRealm-SCRT and I spoke to MANY validators at cosmosverse who want to spin up. I think there is no better time to get more people involved in the ecosystem than now. January is too long. These are high quality validators and I would not suspect a dramatic drop off in performance or difficulty in handling the newcomers. I’m also thinking that now 60 slots may not be enough. Maybe 65-75.

We also really need to think about delegation criteria that @dylanschultzie has been talking about. These exist in most ecosystems in cosmos and if we want high quality contributors we need to incentivize them. I’m very excited after meeting the cosmos community.


Thought about this a bit more. I actually think it’s fine. The distribution of staking power is not uniform anyway, and to slow things down you need to see a meaningful slow-down of ~34% of staking power. Adding 10-20 validators would not cause that.

We support increasing to 70 validators immediately after Supernova.


Sounds great. Thanks for reconsidering ser.:rocket:


Also maybe a place we can have all validators can profile on GitHub or something similar.
Terra has the terra station validator profile


This proposal is live as Proposal 59.