How to deploy, explore, integrate with contracts on testnet

I want develop secret contracts on testnet.

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Hi @vitocchi
There’s a new testnet starting up, it’s running but not the faucet and explorer yet. Once that’s all working and announced I’ll be sure to let you know here as well.
The endpoints you can expect are posted on SecretNetwork Testnet (Holodeck)

  • To use testnet, Do developers need to run theirs own node ?
  • testnet SCRT faucet ( seems to be down. How to earn testnet SCRT ?

You can use docker for a local testnet, and I got some scrt from @laura to deploy to holodeck, so if you post your testnet address here and I’ll send you some scrt too.


Hey @vitocchi
The test faucet is up, please note the new URL is


Thanks @taariq !

I’ll try to use the faucet.