Are Enigma (ENG) tokens required when running dApps on Discovery testnet?

Hi guys, I’m on development a smart contract.

Once I deploy it on Delivery testnet, are ENG tokens required to run that dApp?

If that’s the case, how can i get it? Any relating to real money?

Just want to quote @MrGarbonzo’s answer here for reference:

It was mentioned in the June update that just came out that there will be a faucet available for devs to get testnet tokens to help test their dApp. It’s in the paragraph after GitHub charts.

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@arookie thanks for being active in the forum! @adi is currently working on it.

Would be great to hear more about what you are working on. Feel free to write in the secret contract thread or if you would prefer to discuss it in private, send an email to and I will follow up.

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