How are node penalties determined?

Let’s say I’m running a node at home and the power goes out. At the instance the power goes out my node was not running computations. The power comes back on after one hour.

  1. Can I get penalized for my node going down while not running computations?

  2. Can my node get chosen during that hour offline and consequently get penalized?



Please answer this question as soon as the team has clarity on it. It is an important part of decision making for people considering creating a node. Thank you.

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This was recently answered in the Twitter ama.

“Penalties - while not 100%, expect no penalties for going offline in Discovery. However, there will be a penalty for maliciously sending bad results” - Guy

Link to answer

Check out this tweet from Guy during the AMA: :eyes:

Wow. thank you for the quick response. I’m happy to hear it. I was afraid I would be penalized for something beyond my control. That’s great. Can’t wait to get my node going. Guess I should start following the twitter too. :slight_smile:


Also, I want to thank @Channel :pray: for bumping this! We’re working on making sure the dev forum is a reliable place to get answers-- and appreciate you keeping us accountable. It’s a great question and we need to have good visibility on the answer-- thanks to @moonstash and @Brendan for being on top of things.

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