Head of Marketing and Community Development @ Stake or Die

We are hiring!

Stake or Die is looking for someone to join our amazing team as Head of Marketing and Community Development.

What will you do

Part writer, part designer, part idea engine, part outreach, part event organizer, part things you will have the opportunity to define yourself. Your goal will be to let the world know about all the amazing stuff we are working on and to
get people involved.

First and foremost your goal will be to create content, programming, and build community engagement for Griptape JS. Over the last 9 months we have built a world class development framework that we expect to substantially fuel growth of Secret Network. The goal of Griptape is to significantly lower the barrier of entry to application development on Secret Network. By building content, programming, and community engagement, your work will be instrumental in achieving this goal.

Beyond Griptape, our validator and related tooling business is central to our growth strategy. Helping drive awareness of our work will be critical in encouraging delegation commensurate to the value we add to the network.

Finally, we have a new project in the works that we will be announcing very soon. It’s going to be amazing and community building will be critical.


The only true requirement is talent and ambition. Having a technical background of some sort could be helpful but not a requirement.

Additional Details

The specifics of time and pay will be dependent on many factors, but the end goal is for this to be a well compensated full time position. Whether that starts as part time and grows into that or not is up in the air.

Get in Touch

If you are interested and would like learn more, or if you are sure this is perfect for you, reach out to me directly

Discord: Sandy :skateboard: Stake or Die#1238

Telegram: @sandycorsillo

Email: sandy@stakeordie.com


Congrats on this and best of luck!

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