End-To-End Decentralized Voting

Hello everyone,

I am looking to build a full end-to-end voting application on a 1 year thesis project at my College. My goal to focus and build is the Authentication system, as currently users have to use public/private keys to cast votes which for an end user is not optimal. I am looking to build an auth system on chain, where users are able to sign up for 3-rd party application, using a secret contract, with regular verification(email), my goal is to add multi-layer verification like KYC level documents (Drivers License), that authorization would successfully trigger the voting contract, and they can just cast votes without use of keys(as keys would be assigned to each auth user automatically).

I would love to here what everyone thinks about it, and how would you approach building such a solution.


Hi @mohammedpatla,

I was lucky to hear a sneak peek of this new project from you the other day… Im excited to hear of such a great development to take place on Enigma! Definitely a great project.

I would be open to discuss potential use/sharing of ChainofSecrets.org’s resources if you need any during your development and bootstrapping process.



You should check out 3nable, the ETHBoston winner of Enigma prize. They try to enable the following with their project:

  • 3nable allows users to interact with DApps from any device or location in a user friendly way that feels familiar (3nable solution feels similar to 2FA)
  • Current solutions use APIs to pull private keys to local storages while 3nable keeps it in one non-custodial secure location
  • 3nable allows the DApp ecosystem to grow in a flexible way that doesn’t limit DApps or Web 3.0 providers by network security constraints

I don’t think the team is actively working on this (@ainsley correct me if I’m wrong). If helpful, we can connect you with them.

Regarding authentication / verification, it would be really cool to understand how document KYC is currently handled by companies like Netki. I know that they have an algorithmic way of verifying your drivers license. Technically speaking, that algorithm can become a secret contract to validate users. I don’t think Netki open sources its algos but I can connect you with them if you want to do an informational interview and see what’s available in open-source.