(Community Pool Proposal) DataHub - Secret Network Integration

I am supportive of this proposal. This will be helpful for the adoption of Secret Network, making it easier to build applications and tooling for Secret Network

Also strongly in favour, this is vital. Thanks Yannick

Great to see more support for this proposal. I would also like to offer a 2nd option in which we do not include Transaction Search.

By removing the Transaction Search API, we would ask for a total of $25,000 USD for Secret DataHub, decreasing the total cost of the proposal by $10,000, or about 31,000 less tokens from the community pool at current prices.

Let me know which option we should put forth for a vote.


I vote for the 2nd option:)


I’m happy to vote yes for option 2 as long as its not over 100k scrt.

As for the comment about 15k USD not being enough I just want to say again as vital as this is, it’s not worth 10% of the community pool funds. There is also the fact ya’ll recently raised 2.5 million USD to build exactly this sort of thing so I really don’t feel that taking 10%+ of the pool is appropriate.

“This new round of capital will enable Figment to continue to invest in our best in class blockchain staking, governance and developer tools,” Gabel added.

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I am curious how the end USD amount is calculated for, is there a deliverables breakdown on an itemized basis? Just want to be careful because this is coming straight from the community pool. Love the project idea, its important to the ecosystem. Just want to make sure we can have it be accurately priced.


+1 for second option as first preference, and still good with either.

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Should SCRT returns to 0.70 US that would mean 4% of the current pool which seems quite reasonable for the work required.
So seems payment timing is important,

Has any movement happened on this yet?

From my perspective it looks ready to go and the price of scrt is at a good spot to make sure not too much of the pool is taken. Not that I think price will crash but I don’t see any reason to delay when you have the support you have now. If the price goes lower I’m less supportive because we do need to be careful with the pool reserves.

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Should be ready to go with Option 2, working with the Scrt team to move to an on-chain proposal but if you have any suggestions we’re ready.

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I fully support option 2 and will vote yes. Thanks for the great work and hearing my concerns even if I sound a little brash at times. :grin:

Not to seem overly upbeat @moonstash but SCRT price was over 0.75 US Sept 1.
Great new developments from members like yourself mean in the future short term that level should at least be reach.
Unit price timing means the whole package for less of the community pool than version 2 right now.
Question to ask is will this proposal drive the Token past the 0.75 short term then we the community are the winners with the value of the pool able to fund bigger & better projects.
You guys know better than me.
13/12/2020 unit price 0.70 , total spend $42k

Letting spend proposals asking for large chunks of the coins in the pool go through when the price is super low or trending down will result in people taking advantage of the community rather something is needed or not. Make no mistake though, It’s vital an API like this exist so wallets and some other types of services can be more reliably run. Current price ($0.40) or above seems acceptable. Hopefully number go up soon.

If the feeling is this is needed to improve the SCRT experience & attract substantially greater use than all for the proposal. ( at the right cost )
Just note that what business in the equity world with the unique tech that SCRT has would be priced @ $100m US market cap. So please do not talk down the up price or the raiders may think they can take advantage of us

Hey everyone, the proposal is live here: https://explorer.cashmaney.com/proposals/24

Looking forward to our input!

Hey everyone, thank you for supporting the proposal, we’re excited to get started with DataHub on Secret!


@Yannick_Figment now that the proposal have passed, it would be great to share a project plan which details final milestones (as the initial scope is no longer valid) and deadlines to hit those for transparency.



Thanks again for working on this proposal. I’m sure wallet providers and devs are eager to get to try it out. Can you please take some time to share the milestones and estimated times for delivery of some of this? Thanks in advance!

Hey @moonstash you can check out my update here DataHub - Secret Integration - Milestones & Deliverables

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Actually, I’m happy to report that Secret is now live on DataHub and docs are up on Learn!

Looking forward to seeing what the community can build!