Connecting Ledger to Keplr, SCRT address changed

Imported my Ledger to my Keplr and my SCRT wallet address changed. Using Chrome. I assume it’s a derivation path issue, but how do I change the derivation path to work?

Hi, you’re correct, it’s a derivation path issue.

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to make it work with your old address, as there’s no Ledger App that supports address 529. If you want your assets on your ledger, you’ll need to move them over manually.

I can use my Ledger tho with SCRT assuming I transfer the assets over to my newly-generated SCRT address?

Yes, but there is no way to transfer them over to your Ledger while still staked - meaning you will have to wait the full unbonding period before transferring them to your new wallet address. Because this can take quite awhile (21 days for SCRT) it can be quite a gamble unstaking everything at once and potentially missing out on a snapshot for an airdrop. It is definetely worth it to start the process of moving assets over to your hard wallet, but recommend doing it in chunks, so you are sure to still qualify for those potential airdrops during the transition period (s). When I first got my Ledger, I looked far and wide for a way to do this, but consensus seems to be there is currently no better alternative for onboarding your IBC assets w/o unstaking yet :confused: