A new Core Dev joins SCRT Labs

We are glad to announce that a new Core Developer joins SCRT Labs.

Vlad Gelfer (aka Valdok) is an seasoned core blockchain developer, experienced in cryptography, blockchain architectures, low-level programming, and also computer graphics and embedded development.

Vlad started his career in the nineties, developing CAD algorithms. He later worked on various projects including high-performance TCP/IP and multicast software at ooVoo, automated flying systems and image processing at VisionMap, kernel-mode filter drivers at MusicLab and VOIP-specific algorithms at Viber.

In 2018, Vlad joined Beam - a Layer-1 privacy coin project, serving as lead developer and system architect. At Beam, Vlad developed sophisticated cryptographic protocols like Shcnorr’s signatures, Bulletproofs, and Groth’s one-out-of-many proofs. He also spearheaded Beam’s implementation of the Lelantus - an advanced ZK-based privacy protocol. His GitHub profile can be seen here.

Vlad’s favorite programming language is C++, but same as a true Samurai who can wield any weapon, Vlad can wield any programming language or environment.

As a high-school student, Vlad participated and won prizes in several mathematical and physical olympiads. In 1996, he was also a member of Israel’s national team on the International Physics Olympiad in Norway.

Vlad holds a B.Sc. in Physics and also did extensive not-for-degree studies of Computer Science in Tel Aviv University.

We are sure that Vlad will give a huge boost to the team and will become a driving force in executing the Secret Network roadmap.


Welcome Vlad, looking forward to working with you!

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Welcome Vlad - excited to see you push the envolope working with/on Secret Network!

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Welcome Vlad! Glad to have you on board.

Welcome! Looking forward to working with you! Cheers!

Welcome Vlad! Super stoked to have you here. :star_struck:

Welcome Vlad! Very nice to have you around here :slight_smile:

Welcome ser! Nice to have you here.

Welcome onboard Vlad. It’s nice to know that someone as qualified as you has joined SL. Will your work in SL be on Fhenix and SN or just on SN?

Pleasure have you on board, Vlad!