2023-Q2 Testnet Charter / Proposal

Recapping the update for the previous quarter, with kind thanks owing to SCRT Labs and all the validators going above and beyond, we ran a tight ship and operated for an extra month, and still have $750 remaining going into the next.

Per request from other stakeholders on testnet, I’ve added the following to the charter;

# **Testnet relayer backup nodes**

Maintain Axelar/Secret testnet relayer
Run Osmosis testnet node
Run Juno testnet node

This will add $600 monthly to the budget.

Thanks for your support, much appreciated.


Thanks to an increase in SCRT, as well as the buffer, we exchanged for $30386 and this again allowed us to run for an additional month.
Testnet was challenging at times recently, but we’ve met the challenges.
Currently syncing can take a long time, and you require more memory.

This quarter we look forward to migrating to pulsar-3, which gives dApps a closer copy of mainnet.
Stakeholders are urged to reach out to @ertemann or myself so you’re kept in the loop and migrate timeously.

Thanks so much for the support.

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