Testnet committee charter and Q4 funding proposal

Q3 consolidated with a reduction in expenses, and we’ll continue to do so.

We see a big uptick in support lately, and newcomers tend to find the testnet first, whether it’s with a launch or beta testing of dapps, or after exploring on their local environments.

The last day or so has seen a surge in usage, so I’ve also setup some additional monitoring so we’re in a better position to make informed choices about tuning and scaling our load balancers as needed.
Will likely stick with Prometheus and Grafana in the long run anyway, but some additional visibility will be very useful.

With that said, the charter is unchanged, and hourly budget is for Discord support, maintenance, network upgrades, as well as Secret.js testing and tutorial updates.

As mentioned in the update, there’s also some Figment tutorials that should be updated to use the latest Secret.js api.
Their learn app introduces devs to many networks, ours should always work.

I hope to have your continued support for this, and as always, please reach out if there’s anything I can do, happy to help where I can.