Testnet committee charter and Q4 funding proposal

Q3 consolidated with a reduction in expenses, and we’ll continue to do so.

We see a big uptick in support lately, and newcomers tend to find the testnet first, whether it’s with a launch or beta testing of dapps, or after exploring on their local environments.

The last day or so has seen a surge in usage, so I’ve also setup some additional monitoring so we’re in a better position to make informed choices about tuning and scaling our load balancers as needed.
Will likely stick with Prometheus and Grafana in the long run anyway, but some additional visibility will be very useful.

With that said, the charter is unchanged, and hourly budget is for Discord support, maintenance, network upgrades, as well as Secret.js testing and tutorial updates.

As mentioned in the update, there’s also some Figment tutorials that should be updated to use the latest Secret.js api.
Their learn app introduces devs to many networks, ours should always work.

I hope to have your continued support for this, and as always, please reach out if there’s anything I can do, happy to help where I can.


We did a couple of pretty gnarly upgrades this quarter, and thanks to the great support of SCRT Labs and the testnet validators, we kept downtime to a minimum, all things considered.

Support hours in Discord has been minimal, but always prompt, with additional support for testnet dapps in telegram from time to time, like now with Shade.

A lot of my hours were spent upgrading Figment’s learn webapp, which introduces devs to a variety of blockchains in a uniform manner.

Here’s a couple of screenshots, you can try it in gitpod, or run it locally. My preference is local development with LocalSecret, especially now when you have to update the secret.js version to 1.7 to be compatible with latest LocalSecret and testnet, both ahead of mainnet. Once mainnet is updated, I’ll also update the tutorials package.

I also spent some time and funds running a full node for Osmosis, so relayers can support Shade’s testnet, with one more server starting up for Juno shortly.

I’m running a relayer for Axelar ↔ Secret as well.

I asked for $26895, and thanks to an increase in SCRT price, I exchanged for $29,673 USDC.

There’s been fluctuations in number of validators participating, currently we have 8 excluding myself, with 1 down temporarily.

We’ve invited someone else to join, and will try to keep this close to 10 organically, so we have folks who will stick around long term.

You’re always welcome to reach out to me if this interests you, sometimes there’s a waiting list.

Anyway, all that said, with the surplus we were able to operate for an extra month, and still have $750 surplus going to the next quarter, after final expenses.

I’ll post a new budget thread in the next day or 2, it won’t change much from the last.

As always, let me know if there’s any more we can do. Thanks for the support.