What types of fees are counted on if I build a dApp using Enigma

Hi guys, just wondering if I build a dApp using Enigma, how fees is calculated per year?
And which types of fees will be counted on?

Is it counted on transactions?


Hi @arookie welcome to the forum!

ENG fees are based on the computational cost (similar to ethereum gas fees).
So to answer your question, yes-- there will be a fee per transaction (task), and the size of that fee will be dependent on the size of the task (computational complexity and data size).

From a UX perspective, we’re exploring several ways to streamline this for the user-- but that’s how it will work on a network level.


hi @ainsley, thank for your response. It’s really helpful.

And btw, I also quote the @guy’s answer in telegram channel here for latecomers’s reference:

You’d be able to supply gas prices like in Ethereum, so it’s going to be an open market. That said, there are costs associated with finalizing the results on Ethereum as our layer 1, so we expect the minimal acceptable fee to be at least that. It’s hard to say what that would be right now accurately - we still haven’t looked into it.

And I still have 1 question based on @guy’s answer above, it comes from my team. Could you let us know how can we estimate the cost of enigma layer? the cost of enigma is about storage and computation, isn’t it ?

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Great! BTW, I will try to add these all to the FAQ in the docs in the near future.

As Guy mentioned, it’s going to be market driven so it is difficult for us to predict it until we have a live network, with nodes setting their prices. However, once we have a public testnet we will be trying to get better predictions.