Looking to hire developer for integration into Enigma


Given Enigma’s Beta release, we are looking to run some of our company’s calculations in a Zero Knowledge way, and would like to deploy some secret contracts on Enigma.

We are a finance based company, looking to run trade related computations on Enigma (i.e. risk calculations for traders), whilst keeping trade details private. A little bit like credit score calculation without knowing the private data. We want to deploy and test some simple trades on Enigma.

We are looking for a freelance developer who can help us integrate onto Enigma and get us to a testing stage. Ideally a developer with familiarity of Enigma and secret contracts and can work quickly.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to working together.


@darshan, if you have more information about the kind of collaboration you have in mind, we can reach out to developers in our network to see whether they would like to collaborate with you on this.

Regardless, there will be more documentation coming out in the next week or two.

From what I understand your contract has secret inputs: trader risk positions, and the secret contract is the margin calculation logic.

Take a look at this post - https://blog.enigma.co/getting-started-with-discovery-the-rust-programming-language-4d1e0b06de15
Adding a millionaire = trader risk positions
computing millionare = margin calculation


Thanks @can

The basics are as follows:
We have xyz trading positions that will be streamed via API
We have a margin calculation methodology
We need to perform the margin calculation on those positions whilst keeping the positions private.

As I understand it, xyz positions are ‘inputs’ to the secret contract, and the margin calculation methodology is the ‘secret contract’.

What we’d like is someone to help us put these pieces together on enigma. I.e. convert our calculations into privacy preserving calculations.

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