What is the command for the execution of the smart contract in the Pulsar-2 test network?

When studying in Local Developer Testnet (Docker), it looks like this:
secretd tx compute execute $CONTRACT '{"increment": {}}' --from a --keyring-backend test

This does not work with secretcli when the contract is loaded into Pulsar-2:

The problem is solved. You need to connect the wallet to secretcli using a mnemonic phrase with the command:
secretcli keys add --recover <key-alias>

After restoring the wallet run the contract using the command:
tx compute execute $CONTRACT '{"increment": {}}' --from <key-alias>

<key-alias> = any name you choose yourself. For example:
secretcli keys add --recover Ds444

tx compute execute $CONTRACT '{"increment": {}}' --from Ds444

You can just use any existing alias you already have in your wallet which would be displayed with secretcli keys list. As long as it has a SCRT balance you are good to go and can use it for your --from flag.

If it doesn’t have SCRT, you can fund it with a faucet.

The --recover flag is only needed if you want to have the same address that you were using previously either on another instance of secretcli or keplr. You can just create a new address with secretcli keys add <alias> and fund it with the faucet if you don’t need to have the same address as before