Upgrade Instructions Draft for the "Shockwave Alpha" Upgrade (Wed April 27th, ~2pm UTC)

Hi all, sharing the upgrade instructions draft for the “Shockwave Alpha” upgrade (Wed April 27th, ~2pm UTC).

We would love to get any feedback!

(On-chain proposal should be submitted on April 19th with the final details)


And here’s how to run a local testnet:

docker run -it --rm -p 9091:9091 -p 26657:26657 -p 1317:1317 -p 5000:5000 --name secret-testnet enigmampc/secret-network-sw-dev:v1.3.0-beta.0
  • Port 9091 - gRPC-web - For secretjs@beta
  • Port 26657 - RPC - For secretcli
  • Port 1317 - LCD - For old secretjs
  • Port 5000 - Faucet - E.g. curl "http://localhost:5000/faucet?address=${SECRET_ADDRESS}"

To compile a contract with the new cosmwasm-std, use these in your Cargo.toml:

cosmwasm-std = { git = "https://github.com/scrtlabs/SecretNetwork", package = "secret-cosmwasm-std" }
cosmwasm-storage = { git = "https://github.com/scrtlabs/SecretNetwork", package = "secret-cosmwasm-storage" }

Code examples:


Shockwave Alpha Upgrade Proposal


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The backport-cw-crypto-apis-to-v.10 branch no longer exists on GitHub. Is it okay to use master now (it looks like it has been merged in)?

Yes! it was probably deleted when we merged it. :thinking:

Caused by:
failed to load source for dependency secret-cosmwasm-std

Caused by:
Unable to update GitHub - scrtlabs/SecretNetwork: 𝕊 The Secret Network

Caused by:
failed to find branch backport-cw-crypto-apis-to-v0.10

Try to recover it, github has an option…

Yeah please switch backport-cw-crypto-apis-to-v0.10 to master. Updating the original message now.

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