Update on TNLS (3/18/2022)

Hi y’all! Wanted to give an update on TNLS (crosschain privacy-preserving contract calling – to secretswap/secret bridges what layer zero/axelar are to normal bridges) progress!

technical: I’ve written up a full spec of all the contracts required for the system and started proving security (nothing too complicated, shouldn’t be that many months work for a single-node based MVP though obviously building a new network for true decentralization will be a bit harder)

Nontechnical: reaching out to a bunch of angel investors/grant sources. Also am starting to craft my community pool ask.

Feel free to ask questions here!

Hey mate, on a high level - would you be able to describe the architecture for the bridge? I’m relatively familiar with LayerZero and Axelar which you mentioned but I would imagine there’d have to be a material change for the privacy aspect.

I’ve come across a team who are also building their own privacy-preserving bridge ecosystem (https://docs.webb.tools/) which I’ve linked for your reference in case there is anything useful in their plans for you!


Short version: it’s a bunch of key exchange and signed message passing. Less short version is ‘gateways on either side that get called by contracts, that sign and validate incoming data before passing it to relayers which govern transmissions between gateways’. Longest version is being looked over by slabs team.

Thanks for Webb! Note that it’s a much reduced system, providing value bridging and private transactions only. This is a data/compute bridging protocol

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