Trouble installing make


Trying to configure the development environment while watching the tutorial (for developing on secret), and keep getting “zsh: command not found: brew”. Went to install xcode (which is already installed) and I’m prevented by prompt saying there is a network error. I checked the command tools in xcode on my mac and it is already installed. Has anyone else had this issue, and have any suggestions?

Sounds like there is a step missing, brew is a third party package manager, you can install it by running the install command on their website:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Afterwards you should be able to run brew commands.

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Unfortunately I got the same response, not able to download due to a network error. I thank you for helping though. I’ve restarted my mac, checked my time zone. I think I’ve exhausted everything I’ve seen regarding this online too.