The Secret Agency is recruiting!


Secret Agents are community members who work alongside each other towards Secret Network’s mission of global adoption for open-source, privacy-centric technologies. They are the core of the community and the true secret to Secret Network’s success. Whether you’re a developer, an artist, a writer, an entrepreneur, an influencer, or a dreamer, there are many ways for you to contribute to Secret Network!

Secret Agents organize themselves in committees, take on missions, special assignments, and action campaigns to grow and improve Secret Network. Your support is invaluable as we pursue our mission to bring data privacy to the decentralized web.

As a Secret Agent, you are eligible for SCRT rewards when completing various missions and ranking up in the Secret Agent Program. You can get project funding through SNACs (Secret Network Action Campaigns), and there are compensated leadership positions. So come get involved and help spread the word about Secret Network and privacy-preserving applications. Together we can enable a more human-centric, sustainable, decentralized future!

Visit the Secret Agent HQ recruitment page for more information and sign-up form: