The Path to Creation - The Importance of Enigma Giving a Path to Competency for New Blockchain Developers

When the Blockchain space is examined, there is an overwhelming number of enthusiastic individuals full of ideas unable to easily find the route to creation. Selecting the right Blockchain platform is a key challenge for the firms and new developers of today as a result of the multitude of frameworks offering up confusion. Various Blockchain platforms including The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Ripple, and Enigma to name a few are all competing for a similar set of developers. All these blockchain platforms have distinct differences such as number of users, types of Blockchain, and ease of learning how to create and deploy smart contracts (or in Enigma’s case Secret Contracts).

While I fully understand there is documentation of walking through this learning process for developers -

Go ahead and google “Deploying your first Enigma secret contract”. You will find no videos. A sparse number of blogs with barely any examples.

This is a HUGE deal, go ahead and google “Deploying your first Ethereum/EOS/NEO smart contract” you will find a vast array of videos on the process for deploying and creating on those Blockchains. Grant it, I understand that we can point to such content and say “Those were individuals who were outside of any organization and decided to create educational content.”

I strongly urge the Enigma Project to bring the education relative to this Blockchain Platform to a different level. Being a student on a college campus interacting with privacy Blockchain enthusiasts, it is INSANE the number of students itching to jump in to smaller lesser known Blockchains, but quite simply cannot find the content to show them through the process. Naturally, people will counter with “They need to be more independent or more of a self-starter to be valuable in this space”.

I disagree. The privacy Blockchain industry needs a wide array of individuals from every type of field and background. You can bring these people in by having the best educational materials and content in industry. Create the content to teach these young developers, and you will have a stampede of start-ups and projects of motivated new developers who just need a little bit of content and push to head in the right direction.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Thanks for your feedback. We absolutely want to prioritize creating this content alongside our release of Discovery. For our initial testnet, as many facets of the deployment were changing, we didn’t invest in these types of materials.

If any member of the community wishes to work with the Enigma team to help us produce this content, please let me know. This is one of the primary working groups for Enigma Ambassadors - developing educational materials, both around the Enigma protocol and privacy technologies more generally. Expect to see a good deal of effort focused in this area in 2019.

Additionally, we hope to be working much more closely with a variety of student groups in 2019 :slight_smile: