STKd on testnet

STKd is a small project that Mr. Robotoโ€‹:robot:โ€™s Secret & :skateboard: Stake or Die! :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee: whipped up. The goal is to provide a new option for people who want to stake their SCRT, but want to have the flexibility of transferring their stake to a different wallet or sell their stake to another party to get funds out without waiting 21 days.

There will be more info in the coming days, but we would greatly appreciate anyone who wants to give it a try doing so at Any and all feedback is appreciated. We would also like to hear what people think about the project generally and the benefit to SCRT Network.



21 days itโ€™s just a long period !!
It could be 7 days :thinking:

How could it be 7 days? The un-bonding time on the network is 21 days.