Signalling proposal - Change/Reduce Secret gas fee tiering

This proposal is intended to signal a change of the accepted gas fees by Secret validators.

simultaneously it can be seen as a signalling proposal to change the not yet implemented min-mingas fee parameter to 0.05uSCRT.

Please follow past conversation about this topic here: Proposal for Implementing an on-chain Minimum Gas Fee of 0.1 uscrt - #11 by antonymous

Proposed fee tiers:
Low: 0.05 uSCRT
Med: 0.1 uSCRT (2x lower option)
high: 0.25 uSCRT (2.5x lower option)

**please see this as a potential last interim change before Secret moves to SDK v0.47+ and can thereby use ABCI++ and the Skip block SDK to make fees usage/demand dependent.

Lavender.Five Nodes


I am not in the business of running a validator and I do not have the numbers in front of me, so I do not know how this will change the validator bottom line, but as mentioned - easy yes from a client/user perspective.

It has no significant impact on validator bottomline, like pennies a day.

This is a last call for feedback!

When is this planned for amigo? I don’t see it in the dev roadmap