Learn how to build on Secret & earn $50 in SCRT

Hey Builders :wave: We have just announced the upcoming launch of the Learn Secret Pathway https://twitter.com/Figment_io/status/1346880515757010945

Developers will be able to complete practical tutorials using DataHub (https://datahub.figment.io/) and earn up to $50 in SCRT :moneybag: after deploying their first Secret smart contract!

Tutorials will go live on January 13th but in the meantime, you can set up an account on DataHub for free to start building and review our Secret documentation on Learn (🀫 Secret - Figment Learn)!

You can sign up for the launch event with the Secret team on January 13th here Introducing: The Secret Network Learn Pathway by Figment - Crowdcast and we will be giving out $10 in SCRT to 10 lucky participants!

Let’s take back the Internet together :muscle:


Thanks for this. I was trying to figure out the best way to learn by doing and this was great!

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