Secret Website Community Spend Proposal

Secret Website Community Spend Proposal

Stake or Die! proposes a community spend of 20,000 SCRT to build the official website of The Secret Network.

About Stake or Die!
Stake or Die! is a US based company founded by Alexander (Sandy) Corsillo and Victor Valle in 2020. Shortly after foundation, we added Luis Espinoza as head engineer and Emil Corsillo as a creative advisor.

The Team

Alexander (Sandy) Corsillo
Sandy started his career in finance working for a family office / fund of funds in NYC. He left in 2010 to start a men’s clothing brand, The Hill-side which he and his brother run through until today. At its peak, The Hill-Side was sold in 200+ retailers worldwide. In 2015, The Hill-Side was named as one of GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers in America.

More recently Sandy has focused on building e-commerce websites and fulfillment systems for a merchandising company in Los Angeles as Director of Technology.

Victor Valle
Victor is a perpetual learner with many years of experience in technology, design and business development.

In constant search for new challenges, he moved to Baja in 2013 to found LKMX, a Software Engineering company that has built dozens of projects for US, Mexican and international companies involving distributed event-driven architectures involving big data analytics, e-commerce, real-time analytics, exposed as rich-experience web and mobile applications.

He’s a firm believer that the key to success consists in a strong team of people that follows the same objective with passion.

The Project

In order for the Secret Network to effectively onboard new contributors, we need a world-class website that is extremely polished and open to continual updates by the community. And we are ready to move quickly!

The build will have two phases:

Phase 1 (Oct 15th):
The goal of phase 1 is to build a production ready site with all needed components in place and a solid consistent look and feel guided by the brand guidelines in development by the foundation. Though the UI will be a large focus, an even more important focus will be setting up a system that makes open source community lead content and functionality possible. Much like the relationship between the foundation and the community, our goal is to build a technology stack that allows for the empowerment of the community’s goals. Ensuring a framework that makes this possible is what phase 1 is all about.

Phase 2 (Nov 20th):
The goal of phase 2 is to include the community as much as possible in a process of review. To do this we will work with the Foundation to host review sessions with each of the committees, asking committee leads to submit a feature request form in writing to the foundation. The end product should be one in which each committee has an area of the website that meets its needs.

Once all feedback is received, we will work with the foundation to create a new statement of work that will guide the subsequent phase 2 build.

Collaborating with the Secret Foundation, our dedicated website project group will be committed to further iteration and expansion of the website as a true open source content platform for the Secret Network. Our vision will be to empower and facilitate anyone in the community to contribute their own pages and featured content.


Community spend proposal amount:

  • 20,000 SCRT

Payment Schedule:

  • 5K at the passing of this proposal
  • 5K at the completion of phase 1
  • 10K at the completion of the phase 2


  • The Foundation will serve as custodian of unreleased funds.

  • Phase 1:

    • 3-weeks - Completion date October 15th.
  • Phase 2:

    • 5-weeks - Completion date November 20th.

Legal Disclosure
LKMX Software Development S de RL de CV, a limited liability company based in Baja California, Mexico.

Reference Materials
LKMX Portfolio:



I whole-heartedly echo @Brendan’s sentiment! ^^

The Secret Foundation and Enigma already have good websites, blogs, forums. I certainly don’t mean to denigrate OP but another website doesn’t seem necessary.

This proposal is for a new website for not

Looking forward to having something built from the ground up for collaboration. Reasonable ask and good team behind it, definitely count on to support this when it hits on chain governance.

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It seems like a distinction without a difference. The Secret Foundation is funded thru a tax to provide marketing and a platform for community engagement. What precisely would another website offer that differs from the Secret Foundation?

It’s not a distinction without a difference… the foundation is absolutely 100% without any doubt NOT the Secret Network.

There is no website at and this proposal is not to create a website for the foundation, it’s to create a website for the secret network.

Hi @tech3 ~ thank you for asking these questions. Allow me to clarify :slightly_smiling_face:

Enigma’s website is great! @tor of Secret Foundation managed the initial creation and redesign of that site while he was Head of Growth and Marketing at Enigma. However, this proposal does not involve updating Enigma’s website.

Our goal is to update the Secret Network website (, which is managed by Secret Foundation, and the purpose is to make it open source and collaborative. We currently have a Squarespace website and this basic wiki:

The plan is to reorganize this content, based on what we have learned from sites like and ~ we’re also revamping the overall design, introducing a new color scheme, animations, iconography, and other graphic elements.

Secret Foundation is excited to work with Stake or Die! and LKMX to create a platform that facilitates community engagement, collaboration, and progress toward goals of the Secret Network ecosystem. Together, we can build more valuable public resources, and we are looking forward to empowering all kinds of Secret Agents to participate in meaningful experiences.

Here is an open issue from the Secret Website project board on GitHub:

Let us know any ideas or questions ~ if you’d like you contribute more directly to this project, you can join the Secret Website channel on RocketChat, and please keep the discussion going here.

Your feedback is much appreciated!

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There is no website at because the foundation website is at If I understand jlwaugh correctly, this is a proposal to update the foundation’s website.

So far what I can understand is that the purpose of the $10k equivalent funding is for rearranging the website text and some cosmetic updates. The remainder of the quoted text is corporate speak without any specifics. “we are looking forward to empowering all kinds of Secret Agents to participate in meaningful experiences”. What does this mean in practical terms? You’ll have to forgive me for being direct to the point of sounding rude.

Why aren’t you using the Secret Foundation tax money to pay for Secret Foundation related expenses?

The website is not the foundations website. It is run by the foundation because the “secret network” is not a legal entity and thus cannot be run by itself, it’s a decentralized network of entities that needs to be operated.

I don’t support turning the foundation into or treating the foundation as if it was the Secret Network. They are not the same thing at all.

We’re proposing a lot more than rearranging text and making simple cosmetic updates. I’m happy to elaborate on the kinds of experiences I’d hope to see on this new platform. Each of our committees will have the opportunity to develop their own pages with specific features.

Phase 1 is intended to quickly turn what we have into a really top-notch, open-source marketing website. Phase 2 is going to involve more community engagement, collaboration, and coordination.

For example, our education committee might develop a structure for online workshops and/or interactive content production. The governance committee might explore ways to represent all the work being done throughout Secret Network, rewarding positive impact. We can support infrastructure to improve developer experience, and we could integrate Secret Apps for user testing and community feedback. Also, there is a possibility of real-time analytics and incentivized contributions. We’re open to ideas!


I appreciate the theoretical distinction you are making between the decentralized secret network and the secret foundation. However, how does this play out in practice?

In one use of the term, the united states of america is a decentralized collection of individuals. In the other use of the term, it represents a federal government that grants itself a monopoly right to tax all income. Is that decentralized?

The secret network is a term used to refer to the decentralized network. While the secret foundation is theoretically seperate, it is in practical terms the de facto government because it has granted itself the monopoly right to tax all income.

The Foundation did not grant itself with any such right. The decentralized set of participants in the network all agreed that funding the Foundation is in everyone’s best interest.


Why ask for community money before you have decided exactly what you are going to do?

In the context of this proposed community spend, you mention all the work being done by committees of the Secret Foundation. Do you not share the same opinion as moonstash about the separation of secret network and secret foundation?

At the risk of complicating this conversation, I will only add that there is an important component of timing here that should not be disregarded. We, through this proposal, are echoing a sentiment throughout the community that we need significantly better web experience very quickly. Currently the foundation has 35K or something like that. In 8 weeks they will have brought in another 125 - 150K. This is a very critical time for the network. The foundation is going to need as much of that as possible for a myriad of initiatives. So, if you agree that the site is needed, if you agree that 20K SCRT is a fair price for an 8 week build with a very large number of stake holders, and you agree that foundation should be deploying resources to add fuel to the fire at a critical time, then the use of the community pool may make more sense to you.


In the end I don’t really have too much of a dog in this fight other than I worked really hard to put together a project plan that respects both speed and need for input from a large and diverse set of interested parties.


So it is an elected central government. Exclusively able to collect taxes and dole them out based on the discretion of a handful of people.

I’m just asking the community to support Stake or Die! and LKMX because they have a great plan! They are focused on delivering awesome results, and they are committed to the open-source collaboration. And to further clarify, our committees belong to members of the Secret Network community. Secret Foundation is just one participant in the overall ecosystem, and specific parameters of the community pool and Foundation pool are configurable via on-chain governance.


No disrespect to you or your work, friend. I’m simply trying to put forward some ideas and criticisms to see what’s what.