Secret Metaverse as a Service – Community Spend Proposal

Hello Secret Network! We are a Geeks team, the one building Lorem Ipsum Metaverse, the first one on Secret Network and IBC. One month has passed since our Metaverse launch, and now we can say that the concept and the tech is working as intended, so we are ready to open the Metaverse to the public and integrate new features that can benefit the community.

Here’s what we propose:

  1. Open the Metaverse for everyone.
    We believe that opening Lorem Ipsum to the public will boost interest in Metaverse, attract more users and projects, and thus will attract more attention to Secret Network.

  2. Enable live streaming and broadcasting from Youtube and Twitch to the Metaverse.
    Streaming and broadcasting opens a whole new world of use cases. Secret Summit, Secret DJ sessions, Agents of the round table and others will be able to broadcast their events to the Metaverse live or recorded.
    Users willing to stream their events or videos will be able to access the admin dashboard and select a free time slot. We will also add link validation to ensure the broadcast happens successfully.

Support, educational and promotional materials, events organization and server maintenance are all on behalf of Geeks Foundation.

The Metaverse market is expected to be worth billions of dollars, so we believe it’s very important to establish Secret Network presence in the industry as early as possible, start working on the use-cases and attract the public.

Our team:
Kate – Lead Designer (, alter, secretcalendar, scg ux/ui design)
Solomon – Art Director and Project Manager (top20 dribble projects management)
Vlad – Marketing and Community Advisor ( head of community and pr)
Martin - Dev Lead (IBC NFTs, secretcalendar dev)

Total ask: $15,540



Would “Public Access” include the ability for communities/individuals to create their own spaces within Lorem Ipsum? I do think this dApp could see a lot more adoption if it were open to everyone, i.e. not gated behind owning a specific NFT. I also think that the Lorem Ipsum team should be compensated for their work if it does become open to everyone. There was a team building something similar to this that received a grant from SCRT Labs (Secret Gallery: a virtual gallery · Issue #35 · scrtlabs/Grants · GitHub), but unfortunately that project was never completed.


Hi Patrick! Thanks for your input and questions.
First of all, anyone can approach to us at any time now and share their ideas regarding a custom location in Lorem Ipsum. We can literally implement almost anything. We taught our GameDev team on how to work with secret contracts, so consider there’s a new big team working on Secret side. :slight_smile:
If you’re talking about permisionless creation of spaces within Lorem Ipsum Metaverse, then I have to say, that this feature is not yet available but in plans. It will require a more robust server, more complex economics, perhaps own utility and governance token and NFT lands. In other words, this is yet to be carefully designed and build on Lorem Ipsum, but it is definitely in our plans. We do mention it in our Lightpaper on page 7.
Yes, we were watching closely the Secret Gallery project and even had to adjust some of our features based on what we saw so that we don’t cross our paths :slight_smile: sad to know they didn’t make it to mainnet. But we did and our core team are all deeply involved in Secret Network so we are eager to continue working together! Actually, just got an idea to approach to them and ask may be they want to integrate their works inside Lorem Ipsum so that the builds and funds are not waisted.


And yes, once “Builder” feature is live, anyone will be able to access it no matter if they hold a Geek NFT or not. Geek NFT is just a premium token, that grants its holders governance power (for now), some extra features and ability to try everything in testnet.


After receiving some feedback in private messages, we decided to add some more information to the current proposal.

1. About Lorem Ipsum Metaverse, what we try to be, what our goals and destinations are.

Lorem Ipsum is a Metaverse as a Service. It’s not a game, but an open gamefield environment for communities of creators, artists, musicians, game devs, etc.

What problem are we solving?
In 5-10-15 years the Internet will not be a 2d environment anymore. It’s getting boring and outdated. We order food, clothes, watch videos and movies, chat with friends, and work using dull 2D interfaces. VR and AR will soon change this. We will move to 3D and start working in a 3D environment.

Lorem Ipsum is creating this kind of environment:
Do you have a NFT community? Go to Lorem Ipsum, hang out with your friends there. Have to work now? Here’s a virtual workspace for you. Cosmoverse is taking place in a week but you can’t join it because Colombia is too far away from you? Go to Lorem Ipsum and participate in it online watching the speakers on big screens and meeting people online. Want to play some games or watch a movie after a day at work? We got you covered with a variety of games and integrated cinema. And so on.

2. Our funding and revenue and how we are going to scale.

First of all, to this date our project remains self funded. More than that, most mint procedures are going to ecosystem, foundation and community funds. Founders get only a small part of it. To this point of time we sold 7% of our collection, while we see quite a lot of interest around us (check our Twitter: @GeeksPicsNFT), we decided it would make sense to open for a wider community and use our space to benefit Secret Network.

Revenue streams:

Stage 1 (now) - revenue comes from collection minting
We are selling NFTs almost every day now. Slowly but steadily, 3-4 a week in this market conditions seems fine to us.

Stage 2 (after collection minted out) - royalties from Geeks NFT sales and borrow/lending (a), commissions from creating and integrating custom locations (b), nodes revenue (c), investors (d).

(a) Why do we think Geeks collection will be bringing us enough revenue from secondary sales and lending/borrowing?
– Because Geeks are privileged users of the Lorem Ipsum Metaverse. They get access to all locations and features that are being added to the Metaverse. With each location their value will rise.

(b) During Stage 1 and Stage 2 we do all the work for organizations that want to have their location set up in the Metaverse. On the Stage 1 we don’t add up any % for doing this job for them, only ask enough to create the location. Now we are working with the projects that we like ourselves and don’t charge them for our services.

When Stage 2 comes, we will be adding up some % for creating the concept, server maintenance, graphics design and so on. If they decide to add access with a specific NFT collection, we’ll be requiring some royalties from their NFT mint and sales too.

(c) - Metaverse is a hot topic of 2021, 2022 and is expected to be even bigger in 2023, especially if the bull market is coming back. Venture capitals and others are interested in it and invest big money into Metaverses. Once on stage 2, we will be looking for these opportunities too.
Some researches and articles to read:

  1. Metaverse may be 800 billion market
  2. Metaverse market size 2021-2030 | Statista

Stage 3 (when we release land for sales and builder) - all mentioned in stage 3 + land sales, events organizations, auctions, custom location creation orders


This is really exciting, Kate and the Lorem Ipsum team.

Streaming and broadcasting opens a whole new world of use cases. Secret Summit, Secret DJ sessions, Agents of the round table and others will be able to broadcast their events to the Metaverse live or recorded.

That would be so cool to be able to go into Lorem Ipsum and watch Secret Summit sessions and other events.

I’m also excited about your future plans with the permissionless spaces! I can see that would benefit the SN community in terms of growth, adoption of Lorem Ipsum, as well as the people who create the spaces, adding value to their project by having a metaverse space of their own.

One thing I’d love to see as part of this spend proposal is an initial set of projects that you guys would want to partner with to create the permissioned spaces. I’m thinking certain NFT projects, builders (e.g. House of Shade space!), and more. There’s just something too cool about having unique, themed metaverse spaces from which to attend events and sessions. And being able to buy merch from that space would be awesome–a merch NFT that could be used “redeem” for the physical item.

Not trying to expand your scope though :hugs:. I’m just excited about the project and where it can go as it evolves :sparkler:. I’ll bet there will be more use cases as you guys see how the space is used and what users ask for next.


OMG the vision is getting crystal clear to me. This is kind of monumental–I guess I’ve just had an epiphany lol.

Metaverse as a Service wow, yeah that’s huge. I never imagined a workspace, but it makes so much sense, and all of the other cool use cases you mentioned. :heart:


Thanks for the feedback! Would also love to see Secret University in Metaverse! :wink:


Love the concept and the proposal ask is reasonable. Excited about the potential opportunities this would open for Secret’s online community events. This has my support.

If the proposal is approved, do you have a rough estimate of when this work might be completed and ready for public consumption?


Thanks for the feedback.
Great question. Should be around 1-2 month, but we will try to make it to the Secret Summit, so that it takes place in the Metaverse too!


I like the prop, nice outline of what you have in mind. The ask is totally fine for what you want to provide :slight_smile:. Can’t wait to have Lorem ipsum open to everyone here on secret.


Great proposition. I support and can’t wait to see it built.


How’s the progress on this prop? :slight_smile:


Bumping again, what‘s the progress on this

Hello SecretSaturn!

Sorry, didn’t notice your message earlier here. Thanks for checking on us :slight_smile:
We have almost finished the development of all requested features. Public access, video scheduling, and streaming work perfectly on the desktop version of our game. The only thing we are struggling with now that forces us to delay the launch is making video streaming work in a user’s browser.

If you have a Geek NFT you can test the video scheduling (here go to the dashboard):

If you don’t have a Geek NFT just can test public access on the same page. We added 2 options, one with Keplr (for future chatting functionality) and another completely anonymous and fast (no Keplr, no anything needed).



what’s the status of Lorem Ipsum now?

I’ve seen that the page is offline now. :frowning:

Hey! Apologies for the late response.
Here’s the update from us:
We have finished all developments on our side (public access, video streaming, new website MVP). However we had to wind down both our game server and Secret Node due to being unable to maintain them financially. We were applying for Secret Foundation delegation to at least cover server needs, but waited too long, there were no updates, so we decided to take a pause.

We still hold all Geeks’ community, ecosystem and foundation resources (in SCRT), they are all staked. But, given the overall market condition and SCRT price in particular, they are not sufficient to sustainably pay for expensive GPU server.

We are looking forward for the next bull run, also, hoping that Metaverse idea will be back in people’s minds. We are ready to come back, shape the idea and go forward.

PS, in attachment you’ll find a couple of screenshots from our beta testing.