Secret Number Coin

At any point during a minting period, you can put your stake on 1 to n numbers. The more stake that has been put on a number prior to you placing your stake on that number, the less bonus you get. Rewards are given at the end of the minting period in proportion to how much stake that has been placed on the numbers.

A good strategy for making money is to pick a number and then try to get others to pick that number (through social media possibly). Since nobody knows the actual stake that has been placed, participants have to trust rumors instead. An influencer is able to tell its most loyal followers their secret number before everybody else.

  • How long should the minting period be? (daily, weekly, or monthly?)
  • How to determine the proper size of n for each minting period? (or should it just be as large as possible?)
  • Should swapping numbers be allowed?
  • Which functions should determine the rewards?